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UK Canada USA New Zealand Australia Ireland Visa Requirements for Zimbabweans

UK USA Ireland Australia Canada New Zealand Visas have the same basic requirements

Will need the following.  (The list is not exhaustive)


1. Valid passport

2. Passport photo

3. Evidence of funds (e.g.) bank statement

4. Evidence of source of funds (e.g. payslip)

5. Evidence of economic/social status ( e,g birth certificates, title deeds, marriage certificate, the letter from employer, share certificates etc and any other evidence to show that the applicant will return to their home country after the visit.

6. Proof previous travel history

Host person/company 

1. Invitation letter

2. Evidence that adequate açcomodation and food will be provided for during the stay (e.g. Bank statements, payslip, tenancy agreement etc)

3. Proof of relationship, if a person is a host

4. Proof that there is a genuine and compelling need for the host to invite the applicant.

The list is not cast in stone. It is a guide only. We will advise on alternatives documentary evidence should you not have any of the obvious requirements.

Service fees

Deposit $800 (non-refundable) This fee will also cover sourcing of any extra documents that the applicant may not immediately be in possession.

Balance: $800 payable only if a visa is issued

Visa fees. These depend on the type of visa applied for. These fees are not refundable and are payable to the visa embassy. Types of common



Family Reunion


Right of abode


Way forward. Applicant to complete the contract after payment of the deposit fee. We will assess your circumstances and advise on the best visa to apply for.  We will assist in completing the application form. The applicant may be required to appear in person for an interview or for biometric processing

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